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Hikari HSAT-K5 Automatic Elastic Band Joining Machine

With the new  HSAT-K5 Automatic Elastic Band Joining Machine, the elastic band joints are stronger, nicer, tidier and production is more efficient. It is a good machine for trunk boxer, boxer brief and bottoms with exposed elastic bands.



HSAT-K5 Automatic Elastic Joining Machine Athletik Clothing Inc.


Athletik Clothing Inc. Elastic Joints


Merino Wool Underwear 2020

Merino Wool Underwear 2020






Trunk Boxers and Boxer Briefs

Trunk boxers and boxer briefs are one of the major products of Beta Textiles Co., Limited (BTEXCO). BTEXCO has produced on full package basis for many well known brands.





BTEXCO Sewing Factory Moved to a new location

BTEXCO Sewing Factory Moved to a new location

BTEXCO sewing mill moved to a new location in May 2020. The new location is in the Zhangjiagang Economical and Technical Development Zone.

BTEXC sewing factory was registered as Zhangjiagang Athletik Clothing Co., Limited as per legal and government regulations and laws.

BTEXCO sewing factory specializes in the production of flatlock and normal stitch underwear, sportswear, outdoor clothing and sports accessories.





Free cut fabric

BTEXCO developed a free cut fabric for its production of lady’s shorts.

Free cut fabric is a type of fabric that the edge will not frill even when the edge is not

folded and sewn. It has become popular for lady’s tee shirts and shorts recently.


free cut free-cut panties