Canadian Client delivered a speech at BTEXCO party and ceremony

Canadian Client delivered a speech at BTEXCO party and ceremony


Ladies and Gentlemen,

it is an honour to address you on behalf of LamXXX and TerXXX on the special occasion of the anniversary of Beta Textiles.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate John and his team for the immense success that the company has witnessed since it started in 2005.

It a very nostalgic moment. We came to visit John and his very small team in 2005. Funnily, during that trip the car in which we were travelling had a flat tyre. Mr Ben and I helped to change the tyre.

A customer changing the tyre of the supplier’s car……this is not something that we see very often.

We found an honesty in John and we decided to give him a chance with a WM Canada order. It was a gamble because WM Canada was strategic customer for us but it paid off. We had a very good quality product and the program continued for several years.

Since then the relationship between LamXXX and Beta Textiles have gone stronger and stronger and today we are here to celebrate that relationship together with all the stakeholders.

As in every business, there have been a lot of ups and downs, a lot of “fightings”, a lot of arguments but professionalism and mutual respect have always predominated and have been the cornerstone of the relationship between LamXXX and TerXXX.

As you all know, the business is not getting any better. There is a lot of challenges ahead. The buyers are becoming more and more price sensitive while asking for better quality products. Therefore, we have to innovate. We have to find efficient methods of production, better sourcing capabilities, better suppliers, etc so that we can face the challenges.

The tough business environment has no mercy for complacency. Complacent companies will not survive in the ever-changing business environment. Therefore, I would request you all to work hard hand in hand for the benefit and progress of everyone. Thank you.