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Graphene Fabrics

Beta Textiles Co., Limited is one of the manufacturers of new and high-tech graphene fabrics.

Features of Graphene Fabrics:

  • Automatic warming-up in cold weather;
  • Warm and breathable;
  • Anti-static;
  • Antimicrobial;
  • Odor free.

Composition: 86% Graphene, 14% Spanndex
Weight: 180gsm
Fiber details: 100D/72F graphen, 40D spandex
Construction: single jersey

Compositiobn: 56% graphene, 44% polyester
Fiber details: 100D/72F graphene, 100D/72F hollow section polyster
Construction: honeycomb mesh
Weight: 175 gsm

REF: HY193474
Composition: 76% graphene, 10% polyester, 10% spandex
Fiber details: 100D/72F graphenm, 50D polyester, 40D spandex
Weight: 145 gsm
Construction: mesh




Sustainable Textiles for Sports Wear

At the request of European and America customers, BTEXCO started the production of sustainable sportswear with recycled and dope dyed fabrics since 2017.

The main materials used include:

  • Recycled polyester;
  • Recycled Nylon.,
  • Dope dyed (dry dyed) polyester,nylon and a great variety of other materials.

dope dyed nylon

dope dyed polyester